Headphones in the Mid-range sweet spot

As soon as I heard of the price drop to under 300 on the Sennheiser MM 450-X Wireless Bluetooth Headphones they were mine and now I can review my own like I’ve been reading all the other people saying how they’re the best. Do I agree? Well, yes and no actually - and here’s why no. I hadn’t factored in on all the time I spend in the air getting places as fast as I can and it’s the Atlantic so it’s always going to be long and I just keep having some discomfort after three, maybe four hours. It was so depressing for me at first because I got upset when I realised I couldn’t return them after I’d used them for so long. 

Long Haul Choose Mid-range Wireless Headphones

Time is a greater healer, well in this case it ended up with me adjusting my thinking and I began to appreciate the headphones capabilities apart from it being really well made, stylish, wireless and compact. Now I’m totally into my headphones I see with almost a pleasure fellow travelers with trailing cords tangling around in the plane. The sound I get on the plane is as I expected though different from home, which is to be expected. Mind you, I do use the cable option when I watch a film and I use the adapter provided so again it’s bingo great sound reproduction in my ears. One cautionary word of advice is carry spare AA batteries for when you’re on a long-haul, I’ll say no more.

To finish my review though I want to explain another reason why there was a hate then love affair with my Senns. At first I couldn’t figure out which buttons I was pressing. In flight I was supposed tidiest press a single button to hear the announcements but nope, I would take them off and tut away to myself grumbling. All I can say is just work with the controls, practice, it’s great once you know how like everything else and once you know how you’ll hopefully get to rate these headphones as the best you can get on the market right now if you're looking for some great equipment for beginner djs.